We all know the properties of dates to some extent; Today, in this article, we will examine the features and properties of this valuable food more comprehensively. Dates are a type of tree fruit that consists of a hard core, a soft, fleshy part, and a thin skin.

This nutritious fruit grows in clusters on palm tree branches. These palm trees sometimes grow to a height of twenty meters.

If the date fruit needs only one more stage to fully ripen, it is called Rotab. In fact, retting is the last step until the fruit ripens well and turns into dates. Among all these stages of the date ripening process; Rotab is the most used among consumers.

A few tips about using dates:

Dates are one of the most important units of the fruit pyramid. According to the instructions of nutritionists and doctors, consumption of this fruit is recommended. It is highly recommended to use dates instead of sugar because this fruit has less energy.

There are about one hundred and twenty-five kilocalories in every hundred grams of dates that we consume; On the other hand, there are about 400 kilocalories of energy per hundred grams of sugar. The low calorie content of dates means that its consumption does not cause weight gain.

Pemborong Kurma Piarom is even included in diet plans suitable for losing weight. Using dates is also suitable for preventing and improving digestive diseases. The presence of various vitamins in this food improves the functioning of the digestive system and treats diseases such as constipation and other digestive problems. Use Kurma Medjool to prevent diseases such as; colon cancer and hemorrhoids are recommended. Eating dates strengthens memory and improves mental performance; dates are suitable for strengthening the mind with vitamin B6.

It is highly recommended due to its valuable potassium content. This valuable food item contains an element such as phosphorus, the use of which strengthens memory and improves the functioning of brain cells.

There are valuable substances in dates that can be used to prevent tooth decay. Also, among other properties of dates, we can mention its pain-relieving properties. For this reason, it is recommended for women who are about to give birth.

Consuming dates due to having a substance called folic acid, which has hematopoietic properties; it makes it useful in blood health.

due to the presence of folic acid in dates; This food is blood-forming. People who have a weak heart and suffer from heart problems; They can use soaked dates. These people keep some dates in water the night before and use them.