Amazing Dates Recipes


Dates increase the effect of oxytocin (uterine contraction) and increase uterine sensitivity. Saturated and unsaturated fatty acids in these fruits play an important role in providing energy and producing prostaglandin needed for childbirth, and serotonin, calcium and tannin in dates will help the contraction of uterine muscles.

How can dates be consumed during pregnancy?

Dates can be consumed in different ways:

Smoothie: Dates with yogurt can be a great combination for a type of smoothie.

Desserts: Add dates to sesame and pure honey.

Syrup: Combine Kurma Rabbi Selangor and some milk in a blender and pour it on ice cream, waffles, toasted bread or oatmeal.

Sweetener: This can be a good substitute for sugar in milk or juices.

Pie: Mix Kurma Piarom Selangor and nuts in a blender and then pour the ingredients on the pie and drink.

Cookies: Adding dates to cookies and muffins to have a great and delicious texture.

Stuffed dates: remove the cores of the dates and replace the cores with nuts along with peanut butter.

Rolls: Date rolls, chicken or tuna and other vegetables in a piece of bread or a large tortilla.

There are many types of dates such as red, black, soft, dry, etc. Soft dates are very sweet and moist, and semi-dry dates are less sweet and firmer. Dry dates are usually used in baking and will not be eaten raw. Dry dates, soft dates, etc. are healthy and tasty snacks.