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Pemborong kurma Malaysia

Malaysia’s Date Craze: The Rise of Dates and Date Suppliers

Dates, those delightful nuggets of sweetness, are experiencing a surge in popularity in Malaysia. From bustling breakfast tables to trendy cafes, these versatile fruits are captivating taste buds nationwide. But […]

Pemborong kurma Malaysia

Exploring Export Opportunities for Malaysian Medjool Dates

  Introduction Kurma, also known as dates, holds a significant place in Malaysian agriculture and culture. Among the varieties of dates, Kurma Medjool Malaysia stands out for their rich flavor, […]

All About Ajwa Dates

Researchers at King Abdulaziz University (KAU) conducted a study to determine the anti-cancer effects of Ajwa dates. The study involved 32 male mice. The animals were randomly assigned to four […]